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Friday, July 25, 2014

Snacking on KIND Healthy Grains Bars

It likely goes without saying that our household of 7 is constantly on the go.  During the summer it's vacations, weekend outings, skill camps, gym time, and playdates and during the school year it's school functions, sporting events, dance class, and the likes.  And with our busy schedules, it always feels like a major victory when I find a healthy portable snack everyone likes.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Exploring the Witches Gulch in the Wisconsin Dells

If your looking for a nature inspired mini adventure while visiting the Wisconsin Dells, I'd suggest a visit to the Witches Gulch located only 10 minutes from downtown at 3951 River Rd., Wisconsin Dells, WI.

5 Favorite Family Dining Spots in the Wisconsin Dells

Our daughter competed in a national dance competition in the Wisconsin Dells last weekend and we took the opportunity to turn it into a weekend family vacation.  Check back for some additional posts on where we went and what we did in our Wisconsin Adventure, but first here's the 5 favorite food stops we made.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Like Tikes Junior Sports 'n Slide Bouncer Review and #Giveaway

Little Tikes recently offered the twins and I the opportunity to review a product from their outdoor line up and with summer in full bloom, we selected the Little Tikes Junior Sports 'n Side Bouncer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Using Netflix to Promote Kid's Summer Learning #StreamTeam #netflixkids

In my experience as a mom the key to summer learning is to never mention it is happening.  Words like "educational" and "historical" are strictly off limits.  One needs to simply roll with the fun and slide in a few scholastic tidbits without the kids even realizing it.  My main strategy is to work with the themes our summer dictates.  A visit to the zoo, a road trip to the Rocky Mountains out west, and a weekend excursion to Wisconsin all can become a springboard for summertime brain activities without the kids even realizing it.

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